Synergistic Training – How to Improve Mobility, Stability and Strength

PreHab Exercises - Synergistic Training

In training and prehabilitation, synergistic training can be used to greatly enhance mobility, stability and strength. Synergistic training is a training technique that intentionally blends various training modes with a diverse exercise selection in order to create a holistic and balanced structure of training stimuli (training stress) that will maximize Continue Reading →

What Do You Want? Share Your Thoughts


What do you need help with in your training? What’s holding you back? What injuries are you trying to overcome or prevent? I am Michael Rosengart, CPT, CES, CSCS and I would love to hear from you – directly! Maybe even a brief phone call where we can talk about Continue Reading →

Joint Distraction

PreHab Exercises - Joint Distraction - Learn How to Restore Joint Function and Improve Mobility

Learn how to restore Joint function and improve Mobility with one very effective technique! We covered Joint Distractions in the Art of Stretching, but since this is such an effective technique that not many people practice, I wanted to revisit this technique is it’s own post. Also, I have provided Continue Reading →

The Art of Stretching

PreHab Exercises - The Art of Stretching

Guidelines for Effective Stretching Techniques Mobility is important in any athlete’s performance and effective stretching techniques will help the success of any Prehabilitation Program. There are several different ways to stretch- some good, some bad and some just a waste of time. This article will highlight and explain some of Continue Reading →

Soft Tissue Therapy

PreHab Exercise Blog - Soft Tissue Therapy - Focus on what moves you!

Focus on what moves you! Soft Tissue Therapy is an essential part of an effective training program, especially if performance is important to the athlete. It’s not new either. Soft tissue therapy has been around for a long time in various forms including massage. However, it’s largely over looked by Continue Reading →

Mobility – Essential to Performance

PreHab Blog - Mobility - Essential to Performance

In order to perform your best, you need to move well in a biomechanical way and a mobility practice will help you do exactly this. Can you get into the correct position on every exercise or drill? Do you have the ability to move with proper form and alignment? Your Continue Reading →

Alignment – Form Equals Function

PreHab Blog - Alignment - Form Equals Function

If you’ve been training hard and competing to get yourself better, it’s time you look your alignment, in movement as well as stationary, because ‘form equals function’. Improving your performance will involve improving your movement and that requires an awareness and development of your alignment – in all positions. Stop Continue Reading →

Foot and Ankle Activation

PreHab Blog - Foot and Ankle Activation

Foot and Ankle Activation Exercises can help athletes improve their speed, power and agility, which will lead to greater success in soccer, basketball, football, running and many more sports. Incorporate Foot and Ankle Activation Exercises into your Prehabilitation Program and see a change in the way that you perform. The Continue Reading →

Hip and Glute Activation – Turn On your Prime Movers

PreHab Blog - Hip and Glute Activation

Run, walk, jump or squat? Your hips are doing most of the work. At least they should be. Yet, many people lose the ability to perform these basic movements as they are biomechanically designed due to modern living, which is why Hip and Glute Activation Exercises are an essential ingredient Continue Reading →

The PreHab Exercise Book for Runners – Third Edition – Now Available on Amazon!

PreHab Exercise Book Available on Amazon

After writing for two years, the new edition of the PreHab Exercise Book for Runners is now here! With over 500 pages of PreHab exercises and techniques, this book addresses everything from head to toe that will help you run faster, run farther and run longer. After watching a couple Continue Reading →