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Learn ways to improve your fitness, your health and your lifestyle. Life is too short not to follow your passions. Yet, creating the life of your dreams will take a certain level of intelligence, courage and determination. This is exactly why I share this blog - to help you succeed. So, let's get started and keep in mind, that lasting improvements come from a dedicated practice. So, everyday, our goal is to make ourselves better than the day before- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Communication Skills- You vs I

Communication Skills: ‘You’ vs ‘I’

Communication directs a relationship up or down. It’s that simple but the importance of how we communicate is widely overlooked. Many people get lost in the loop of not knowing why their relationships are not going the way that they intend. If this is you, then here is a simple technique to enhance your communication skills and steer your relationships…


Alignment – Form is Function

If you’ve been training hard and competing to get yourself better, it’s time you look your alignment, in movement as well as stationary, because ‘form equals function’. Improving your performance will involve improving your movement and that requires an awareness and development of your alignment – in all positions. Stop and take a look at yourself now. Look at the…

HIIT for Weight Loss - A Bad Combination

HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss: A Bad Combination

Using HIIT workouts for weight loss proposes risk of injury and here’s a better alternative. For the last couple of years, especially right after the holiday-food-eating-binge, a flood of endorsement for HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, can be found across the web. Millions of people all around the world will be quick to proclaim that HIIT is a great way…


Be Grateful of your Efforts

Do you train hard? Appreciate your own efforts and allow gratitude to lift you a little higher! I am posting a link to this article because I believe in sharing tools, such as PreHab exercises and training techniques, that help people achieve the results that they are after. The below article from Psychology Today, which was timely posted on Thanksgiving,…

PreHab for Hill Running

PreHab for Hill Running

Hill Running is great to develop speed, build conditioning for explosive sports, such as football or just burn fat. PreHab with this short sequence of exercises and get more out of each run! Ever heard of the Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane, Washington? It’s one of the largest road races in the United States, and draws elite runners from Kenya…

The 1-2-3-Go Habit

Cue yourself to Awesome Results with this Little Habit

I believe that the majority of interceptions that I have thrown while playing football, all came from a point of hesitation. Hesitation comes from a moment of distrust that can destroy perfect opportunities on the field, in the boardroom or at that moment when you suddenly are face to face with the girl/guy of your dreams. Trust builds confidence. Confidence…


Change Your Environment. Change Your Life.

Your environment shapes your life: mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Human Beings are creatures of habit. Just ask Charles Duurig, the author of Power of Habit, to clarify this assertion and he certainly will with countless examples and numerous studies. And our habits come from our environment. In case you are not clear of the three fundamental components of…

World of PreHab

PreHab is Better than Rehab

There’s a saying; hindsight is 20/20 and being a man who’s been through extensive rehab, I will be one of the first to tell you that PreHab exercises and techniques are worth their weight in gold! PreHab helps prevent injuries and improves performance. Many PreHab exercises and training techniques are derived from physical therapy where the main objective is helping…

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